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  1. Are all products manufactured by Vedic Woods?
    Yes. Our entire furniture and décor product range is manufactured in house. This is important for us as it is the only way we can maintain the quality standards we are known for.
  2. Where does Vedic Woods source wood?
    We source our wood only from state forest regulated auctions. This ensures that we can procure the best quality wood and that we maintain a sustainable manufacturing approach.
  3. Where does Vedic Woods source fabrics, hardware etc?
    We have partnered with top brands for our fabric, hardware and polishes. Some of the brands w work with include D’décor, Hettich and Rustoleum.
  4. What wood is Vedic Wood furniture made in?
    Vedic Wood furniture is crafted in Teak and Sheesham or Indian Rosewood.
  5. How is the wood seasoned?
    We do not use any chemicals to season our wood. Once the wood is bought at the auction, it is seasoned in a kiln and under the sun.
  6. Can I give my own upholstery fabric?
    At present we do not offer custom upholstery with your fabrics. However, we offer a wide range of fabrics that you can choose from. For custom designed furniture pieces please check out vedicmade.com.
  7. Are all Vedic Wood pieces handmade?
    Yes. Each piece of Vedic Wood furniture is hand made. Machines are only used in the early stages of production to cut the basic wooden frame. From here on, our team of highly experienced carpenters, upholsterers and polishing experts use hand tools to turn raw wood into beautiful furniture.
  8. How do I contact customer services?
    We can be contacted through email at info@vedicwoods.com on at 9718740740
  9. Can I unsubscribe from the Vedic Woods newsletter?
    You may unsubscribe from the Vedic Woods newsletter at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter.
  10. How do I change my email address?
    To ensure that you don’t miss out on our promotional offers, it is best to keep your email id updated at all times. It is easy to change the email account associated with your Vedic Woods account. Simply login to the account and click on the button to edit your personal information.
  11. Can I modify my order once it has been placed?
    No, you cannot modify your order once it has been placed. However, you may cancel it within 24 hours of placing the order without incurring a cancellation fee. You can then place a fresh order.
  12. Why don’t all my chairs look identical?
    Wood is a natural material and no two panels of wood can ever be identical. Thus, while the dimensions, design and polish will be the same, there may be a slight difference in the grain pattern of the wood.
  13. Can Vedic Wood furniture be placed outdoors?
    Unless specified otherwise Vedic woods furniture is designed for indoor use only. If furniture can be used outdoors, it will be mentioned as such in the description. For furniture to be used outdoors, it requires a special coating to protect it from UV radiation and other outdoor elements. Outdoor furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  1. How do I place an order?
    Shopping with Vedic Woods is easy. To order furniture click the Add to cart button on the page. Once you have finished selecting your furniture, click on the cart icon and proceed to checkout.
  2. How will I know when my order has been placed?
    Once your payment has been received, you will receive an email to confirm your order.
  3. I need help with my order. Who can I contact?
    You may contact us on our helpline numbers - 9718-740-740 or email us at info@vedicwoods.com
  4. How can I check my order status?
    You can check your order status from your Vedic Woods account.
  5. What happens if an item is out of stock?
    From time to time a certain design may go out of stock. If this affects your order, our team will get in touch with you.
  6. Do I have to sign up for a Vedic Woods accounts to shop at Vedic Woods?
    7. You do not have to sign up for a Vedic woods account to shop with us. However, by creating a Vedic Woods account, you can avail of a number of benefits and stay updated with our latest design ranges.
  7. Do you have a store where I can see the furniture?
    We do not have an offline store but we are in the process of opening one very soon, we welcome you to our factory for any enquiries.
  8. Can I customize the finish of my furniture?
    We offer a range of wood finishes and polishes. In addition to this, if you have a specific finish required, we will try our best to meet your needs.
  9. Can you send me a sample of custom polishes?
    Yes, we can send you custom polish samples for a small fee.


  1. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payment by all major credit cards, debit cards, Net banking and Paytm Wallet.
  2. Are your prices inclusive of taxes?
    Yes. All prices mentioned on the website are inclusive of taxes.
  3. Can I pay by EMIs?
    No, we don't offer an option for EMI payment at this time.
  4. Is my credit/debit card information secure?
    Yes it is secure. Your card and banking details are subject to the highest levels of encryption. Payment details are not held by Vedic woods but are collected by our Payment Gateway Partner.
  5. Help! My internet connection was lost midway and the bank has debited the amount but I did not receive an order confirmation.
    You may email us at info@vedicwoods.com with all the information about you order. Please include the transaction ID, order number, furniture selection, mode of payment and your personal details. We will look into the matter and revert to you within 7 working days. You will either receive a full refund of your money or we will give you a confirmation of your order.


  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    Once your order has been confirmed, it can take us 10-14 working days to ship your furniture.
  2. Do I have to pay extra shipping charges?
    No, we offer free shipping on all items.
  3. Where do you ship to?
    Currently we serve New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Dwarka, Bhiwadi, Manesar, Sohna, Faridabad and Sonipat.
  4. Do you offer expedited Shipping?
    Yes, in special circumstances we can expedite the shipping of your order. Please contact customer service for more details.
  5. How will my furniture be packed?
    Each piece of furniture is individually packed to withstand shipping and weather conditions. It is first wrapped in bubble wrap sheets and corrugated cardboard before being placed in containers. Foam blocks and cardboard lining is used to keep the furniture from moving while in transit. This ensures minimal damage.
  6. How will my order be shipped?
    Our own shipping team transports your furniture from the factory to your home. This ensures that no damage or mishandling takes place while delivering the product.
  7. Can I ask for different items in my order to be shipped to different addresses?
    No you will need to place separate orders for each address.
  8. How do I track my order?
    You can track your order from the Order section in your Vedic woods Account.
  9. My home is not ready? Can I place my order now and ask for it to be delivered later?
    Yes. You can specify when you would like us to deliver your furniture. We will need to be intimidated of this date when you place your order. For further details please contact customer service.
  10. What if the furniture does not fit my house on delivery?
    All the dimensions of our furniture are clearly mentioned on the webpage. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the furniture ordered will fit their homes, office etc. Furniture cannot be returned if it does not fit after being delivered.
  11. What if the furniture does not fit through the door and stairs?
    It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that furniture can fit through doorways and staircases for delivery. If there are any special requirements for delivery, we will need to be intimidated of the same in advance.
  12. Can you deliver my furniture on the weekend?
    Yes we can deliver your furniture on all seven days of the week.
  13. Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?
    Yes you can specify a shipping address that is different from your billing address.
  14. Will I receive all the items in my order at the same time?
    We try our best to deliver all items of an order at the same time. However, in some cases we may need to make part deliveries. In such cases we will inform you before delivery.
  15. Do you take the packaging material away?
    We do our best to leave the delivery site clean after completing installation and delivery. All used packing material is collected and recycled or reused.


  1. Does Vedic Woods furniture have a warranty?
    Yes, all our furniture has 24 months warranty on manufacturing defects. This does not include accidental Damage by the user & normal wear and tear.
  2. Can I return a product if I do not like it?
    Yes, you can return a product within 15 days of receiving it. For this, you will be charged a nominal return shipping and restocking fee.
  3. How will my return be refunded?
    In the case of payments made by credit cards, debit cards and net banking the amount will be refunded to your bank account. In case of Paytm wallet payments, the money will be refunded to your Paytm wallet.
  4. My order was delivered with defects. Will you send someone to fix it?
    Our delivery team conducts a quality check after delivery and installation. However, if you still see a defect on the furniture or installation, please contact us. We will send a team to your site to fix the issue. In case, the defect cannot be fixed on site, we will replace the product at no additional cost. This is applicable only as long as the product is under warranty.
  5. Can I exchange an item?
    You cannot exchange an item from your order, If you would like to purchase another item instead you can cancel your order within 24hrs of placing it and create a new order with correct items. If you have any questions please email customer care at cs@vedicwoods.com
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