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For Vedic Woods, a dining table is not just a plane of wood on 4 legs. It is a place where your family can bond. For us, traditions and values are as important as design innovations. Vedic Woods is a furniture design studio in Gurgaon based on traditional techniques of crafting furniture. We believe that when it comes to furniture, quality is the most important aspect. We also value originality and design innovations. Each piece of furniture created by Vedic Woods is designed in house by a team of furniture designers. Thus, every step of our production from initial concept sketches to the final finishing touches is happens on the Vedic Woods factory floor.

The Story of Vedic Woods

Vedic Woods was founded by Sanjay Airen. Before this studio, he provided woodworking services to a number of builders and Interior designers. As an interior project coordinator, movable furniture was one of the most commonly outsourced parts of the project. He soon discovered that the contemporary furniture available in the markets may look very stylish but did not last very long. In many cases, the furniture sourced from suppliers began showing signs of wear and tear even before the project could be completed. Maintaining quality control in this area was very difficult. Thus Vedic Woods was born as a small studio for customized furniture. The aim was very simple-

Create good looking furniture with affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Vedic Woods owes its name to the importance we attach to traditional woodworking techniques and practices. In the decade since its inception we have grown in terms of both size and expertise. Our inspiration comes from many places including traditional wood joinery techniques used in East Asia. In the beginning we catered to builders and interior designers. With time, homeowners recognized the Vedic wood quality and we began to service their needs directly. What has stayed the same ever since, is our commitment to quality and workmanship. Today, we offer a wide range of home furniture and office furniture. In addition, we also offer limited editions of wooden home décor accessories such as trays, coasters, vases, bowls etc

Our Values

Nothing but the Best Quality

For us Quality Checks are not merely the last step of furniture manufacturing. Quality control for us is an important part of every stage of furniture production. This begins even before wood reaches our factory. All the wood we use is sourced from government auctions where the authenticity of wood is guaranteed. Similarly, when it comes to machinery, we use only the best and the latest technology. Foam, fabrics and all materials used for our upholstered furniture is sourced from India’s most trusted brands. Similarly, all polishes, paints and other surface finishes are sourced from top brands across the country. We also pay close attention to any hardware that is used on our furniture and have partnered with world renowned brands for the same. No part of our furniture manufacturing process is outsourced. This allows us to keep a close eye on your furniture and ensure that it maintains our quality standards.

Transparent Relationships

Wood is a natural material. It breathes and undergoes subtle changes with every season. Thus, though we offer only wooden furniture, in some cases we may need to support the wood with plywood etc. For example, the top of an eight seater dining table is often reinforced to keep the wood from warping. When we use these reinforcers we do not hide it from you but will inform you about it at the very outset. For us, it is very important to be honest, transparent and trustworthy.

All Natural

When it comes to long lasting furniture, it is important to use seasoned wood. No chemicals are used to treat the wood we use. Instead it is treated in natural sunlight and seasoned for up to 2 years. Thus, there are no fumes emitted by our furniture.

Hand-Crafted Furniture

Robots may be able to perform surgery but we trust our furniture only to the hands of our experienced craftsmen. While a machine may help cut the basic frame, it is the carpenter who sands the piece down to its final form, assembles all the different parts and experienced painters who polishes furniture to give it that final finishing touch.

Traditional Wood Joints

We do not use nails and screws for any of our structural joints. Instead we use traditional wood joints. This is a dying art that is rarely used today. One of the primary reasons for this is the time taken to create each joint. Since no hardware is used to support the joint, the wood must be cut precisely and the two pieces must fit perfectly. For us, quality cannot be compromised for production time lines and hence we take the time and make the effort to create these joints. This ensures that when wood breathes with the change in seasons, your furniture does not begin to creak. Not only do our joints ensure longevity, they also set Vedic Wood furniture apart from the rest.

Efficient Designs

The best design is one that balances form and function and makes the most efficient use of materials. At every stage, we try to minimize our carbon footprint and maintain the highest standards of efficiency. Thus, the smaller pieces of wood left over from furniture manufacturing are not simply wasted. We use these pieces to craft smaller home décor pieces that can complement your furniture.

Vedic Woods is a textbook example of how perseverance can get you to the top. Today, we are trusted by the top builders, interior designers and homeowners across NCR as the number one destination for quality furniture.

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